Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back to blogging

I posted a note yesterday on the Baking GALS site telling all my bakers thanks for participating in the December round. If you are a baker and did not see it, THANK YOU!!! I will be communicating with Dustin's family in the near future and I'll pass on any news. I don't have information about the next round yet. I am betting Susan is as behind as the rest of us after the Christmas season. I'll pass on any info as soon as I get it.
I don't remember how much I posted previously about my personal life, so in case I didn't mention it, I'm a student as well as a full-time employee and family member and all that other fun stuff. I have been going to various schools and colleges off and on for the last ten years or so. To date there have been at least six. I don't have time to count, lol. I have always simply signed up for programs or classes that interested me. I've earned a number of certificates but never a degree. You would think that with all those credits and programs under my belt it would be a simple matter to just lump them all together and get a diploma but alas, that's not the case. So, at long last, I am working toward a degree. Last year, I was taking some economics classes (I know, but it's more interesting than it sounds!) but I rushed them from my end so I could finish all the work early and move on to my degree, which I began on Dec 29. Thank God I managed to get the other two done early because these classes are WORK! I am just now, almost two weeks later, beginning to feel like I have a handle on things. So that is my long excuse for not updating my blog regularly.
If you don't like that excuse, here's another: The snowplow took out my cable box! Yep, it's true. Last year on New Year's Day, he took out my mailbox...this year...well, technically I guess that was last year too...It was in the 20's of Dec '08, he plowed the snow from the road, up the end of my driveway, toward my neighbor's house, over the sidewalk and about 20 feet into the neighbor's yard. Unfortunately, the cable utility box was in the middle of that stretch between my house and the neighbors. So my entire neighborhood didn't have cable TV or internet for a couple of days. The cable company came out and got it going-sort of...they say they'll come back in the spring when they can dig to fix it right. Meanwhile, my internet is working once in a while but it's very unreliable. I don't know whether it's the hook-up or my computer. Randy has much better luck getting it working than I ever seem to but unfortunately, he is at his own house for a few days. So I'm mostly trying to get online from work but once in a while they want me to do what I'm paid for too, lol. This is really a drag since I'm taking online classes...even the reading material is online-no when I do get online, I'm always "in class".
Things should be getting better soon and in fact they are already a bit better. I'm getting caught up (which for me means ahead) in my classes and the stress level is going down a little. I have pictures that need to be posted on the blog. I'm going to see if Randy can do it from his house since I don't have access to them at work and home internet is so spotty but he's busy trying to get a job so it might take a while longer--sorry.
We had a nice holiday with both of our families and now we're back to normal til next year. I hope all my blog readers had a wonderful holiday season as well! I'll be in touch soon.

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