Sunday, November 2, 2008

Getting behind!

Well, I knew this day would come sooner or later. I was doing good at sharing the 25 recipes for the Cookie Bake, but life has come between me and my blog as I knew it would. I am a few days behind sharing the cookie recipes. I'm so happy to be back to working midnights! Because of my wonderful new hours, I got to spend Halloween with my four favorite girls in the world, my nieces. Randy and I stopped at a costume shop before we went to my brother's to do the Trick or Treat thing and he got a prisoner costume for himself and another for his dog, Freddie. We saw the kids off and then handed out candy at their house while they were Trick or Treating in the neighborhood. Randy got a few good comments and I told everyone that we were all sitting around making the prisoner do the hard labor. One of the girls begging candy said to him "I hope this candy isn't poisoned!" Kids do say the darnedest things as the saying goes...and of course Randy being much wittier than I, had a snappy come-back, telling her "Nope, that was the last batch, you should be fine." I love it! My brother had brought his patio fire pit thingy out to the driveway so my parents and Randy and I sat around it as dark came on along with the cooler temperatures. It was a fun night! Even more so since I was afraid I was going to have to miss it this year.
On Saturday, we had a costume party of our own to go to. We got the prisoner costume because the biggest news around this area lately has been the mayor of Detroit getting in trouble for a sex/text message scandal and lying about it, which cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars it can ill afford. In fact, he finally started serving his jail time a few days before Halloween. So Randy was the mayor and I was his "best ho" (that's what he told everyone anyway, lol). It was fun, we had a great time at the party and everyone loved the costumes. I've been known to be attached to some rather low-cut styles, but I have NEVER gone out dressed quite as looking? I did on Saturday. Which was fine for the party but then Randy was thirsty and wanted a coke and he couldn't go in a store the way he was dressed, so guess which Best Ho had to go get her man a coke? Yep, that'd be me~~ I sooo wanted to tell the lady at the counter that I don't normally dress like that, but I just gave her my money and tried to pretend everything was
Today, I just hung out at Randy's house til it was time to leave for work. We went by his mom's earlier in the day to move this huge lighthouse we made her for last Christmas inside for the winter and share the Halloween pictures with her.
About all I did over the weekend as far as online updates went was answer a few Baking GALS emails. We are doing GREAT with our team! We have 12 members on our team and 9 of them have been in contact with me and gotten our soldier's address, so he and his buddies overseas should be filled with home-baked yummies very soon! I sent a letter to Alex on the 30th of Oct to warn him to watch for the boxes. Randy and I are planning to fill ours and get it in the mail on either Friday or Saturday, so we'll be posting pics here soon. I'm also hoping the other bakers will share at least a pic each...but I haven't started harassing them yet so we'll see! I wonder who will be the first to get a box in the mail...I bet one or two people have already done it. Randy and I had ours mailed out the first day of shipping last round, but all this organizing is a lot more work than the baking so I'm behind.
So there's my update on my life. Back to sharing cookie bake recipes now. Does anyone have interest in the way I divide the ingredients amongst my bakers and the schedules for the big day? If not, I'll spare the world my nuttiness in this instance and just share something new when I finish with the cookie recipes.

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